Complete Exercise Education for the Motherhood Adventure.

Each workshop can vary in length depending on the needs of your group. They range from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours.

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Beyond Core Restore: Back to Bells 

A Postpartum Exercise Workshop For Beginners to Experienced Lifters, Runners, Movers and Professionals

You’ve done the core restore workshop or bird/dogs ’til you’re blue, so what’s next? How do you actually GET BACK to barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, your exercise/movement routine safely in this new mom bod?

This is the biggest gap I see as a strength coach. Women jump back too soon to their pre-pregnancy routines thinking they can simply modify with lack of professional guidance. This is where injuries occur. There’s a process your body needs to go through just like rehabilitating back from an injury. Yes, pregnancy and birth was stress on your body. Albeit natural stress, it was a lot of variation/change to the system. Now you need the knowledge and tools to recover and thrive in your new mom bod!

In this part-talk and part-movement workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Pregnancy and postpartum anatomical changes
  • Adapting heart, mindset, and goals
  • Pelvic floor, core canister rehabilitation through movement
  • Power from your center and alignment for life
  • Strength vs. HIIT vs. CF-ing in postpartum
  • Programming to return to exercise
  • Top 4 mobility moves for moms
  • Q & A

Prep for Pregnancy

For: Beginners to Experienced Lifters, Runners, Movers and Professionals

The internet overflows with information on pregnancy and postpartum exercise recommendations but what about PREPARING your body, mind and spirit for the pregnancy and parenthood adventure? Attend this workshop for information on ways you and your partner can be ready for the most life-changing experiences with strength and ease!

Learning Objectives:

– Ways exercise can support and hinder your fertility
– Why nutrition can be more important than exercise
– How lifting boosts fertility, resiliency, confidence, AND strength
– Answers to your personal questions with plenty of Q & A time

Great information for both partners but not a requirement to attend together!


Birth Worker Body Mechanics & Strength

Birth doulas and partners endure a high volume of physical work to support laboring women. This includes positions held for long periods of time, bending over, repetitive movements, squatting, and applying pressure. Yet most have never been taught how to do these movements efficiently or safely.

Learning Objectives:

– How to Breathe and Why it’s so important
– Connecting to your core for strength and power
– Train for the movements of birth support
– Learn what NOT to do to avoid damage or risk of injury
– Stretching recommendations during births and the days after to ease aches!

Pregnancy Athleticism

For: Not-Yet-Pregnant to all Trimesters, Beginners to Experienced Lifters and Professionals

Movement modifications and program suggestions based on the different times in your prokreation journey so you can continue down-dogging, snatching, hanging 10, climbing, running 5ks and whatever else gets you sweaty!

Learning Objectives:

– Why it’s okay to hit PRs (personal records)
– How to strengthen and balance your core canister
– What the benefits are to lifting weights as a woman
– Answers to your personal questions with plenty of Q & A time

Don’t guess modifications! KNOW what’s safe with confidence



New Momma Movement

What’s safe to do before your 6-week checkup?

This workshop is ideal for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters to have the information ready at hand for when they’re a fresh new mom!

Time and time again I hear, “I wish I knew that BEFORE I gave birth!” Learn how to keep your core safe for the remainder of your pregnancy, how to breathe and push during labor, and how to begin moving specifically postpartum.

– How to Breathe and Why it’s so important now
– Reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor
– Train for the movements of mom life, safely
– Learn what NOT to do to avoid damage or risk of injury
– Confidently begin moving to boost healing, mood, sleep, and more!