The Wise Hive

A virtual wisdom collective, building a hive of multidisciplinary information, cross-pollinated from professionals around the world.

Like the sides of the hexagonal hive cell, prenatal and perinatal professionals gather for 6 consecutive weeks, once per week, to share what they know and have hearty discussions. This collaboration enriches each participants own understanding of pregnancy and birth, but also creates a community who can rely on one another for support.

The weekly focus will always remain constant as we apply the knowledge of the theme through each cycle.

Week 1: Preconception
Week 2: 1st Trimester
Week 3: 2nd Trimester
Week 4: 3rd Trimester
Week 5: 4th Trimester
Week 6: 12+ weeks postpartum

Available to each participant will be a shared Documents for adding and editing. This is where you write down what you know, in addition to linking your research and resources. This documents, in addition to the recorded live sessions, will be available to participants after the conclusion of the 6 weeks.

Together, the videos and written documents build a library of knowledge for those looking for deeper understanding of how perspectives co-mingle across multiple trains of education and application. These bundles will be available for purchase on the website.

Theme 1: Movement October 29th – December 10th (No 11/26)
Theme 2: Nutrition January 7th – February 11th
Theme 3: LGBTQ+ & Trans February 25th – April 1st
Theme 4: Aches, injuries, & rehabilitation April 15th – May 20th
Theme 5: Hormones June 3rd – July 8th


Study group + Networking group, build something great with us! Invest to hold yourself accountable and stay actively engaged. $100 each 6 week cycle

How to sign up:

  1. Click here

What you need to participate:

Zoom – on your computer or phone. Download from
Google account to access Drive (shared) documents