We want you on our team.

I want you on my team!

I’ve been reflecting on what being part of a soccer team has taught me. Why does this matter? Because we should all be on different “teams” as adults. If you’re a parent, you’re on the “parents team” or the “moms team” or the “dads team”. Really, you’re also on your “work team”, “neighborhood team”, “book club team”, and so forth.

There are so many irreplaceable character traits that were learned and enhanced from playing a competitive sport, here are my biggest resounding life lessons that I still believe in today:

1) when you’re surrounded by people intentionally working towards the same goal, it’s magic. You don’t want to be anywhere else.

2) your practice & game time are opportunities to give your special individual gifts to the collective. You mess up, fail, and try again. There is no quitting, there is only learning to do different next time. And everyone supports it, there is no judgement because they’re all trying and failing and learning with you!

3) you. must. show. up. There is no whining or complaining or pity parties. Those attributes will literally get you no where. And no one wants to be on your team if you do.

4) There is a “we can do this” attitude that is hard to find anywhere else without competition. This attitude pulls us towards our better selves.

At the end of it, we’re there for each other through the really hard times where we have to source energy and grit from a place deep inside ourselves to overcome. We do this together. We win together. We lose together. My point, I want you on my team. Because you deserve to be seen, loved, challenged, supported, better.