Training a Variety of Motherhood Stages in One Class

Momma diversity in a fitness class makes a lot of coaches sweat. 


Pictured (and in this class) I had 2 second trimester women, a 3rd trimester woman, a 16 week postpartum mom, a 4 year postpartum mom!

How do I deal with all of that differentiation in abilities?⁣


️When I program, my default perspective is for that 3rd trimester or brand new mom because making exercises harder is easy. You can add load, speed them up, or slow them down. I usually write out 2-3 variations in my notes as back ups. Be battle ready.⁣


️In class, if something doesn’t feel right for one individual, I always have a peaceful confidence about me when troubleshooting or modifying. Never will I him and haw nervously about something. That is not the energy to best serve the client. If you don’t know, be confident and calm in that too and say it. Women can tell when you’re lying! Be honest and communicate that you’ll look into it or refer them to a specialist at the end of class.⁣


️Be an ever learning student of your students! This is a motto from Yoga Tune Up. Our clients are our GREATEST teachers. If you’re present in watching them move, you will learn about mechanics, load, tension, and more. But you have to be humble enough each class to show up and learn, there’s no room for ego when coaching.⁣


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