The Sport of Motherhood Philosophy

Goddess Durga. Powerful, knowledgeable, feminine masculinity. She came to me many years ago and since then is in my head and heart. I chose a lioness tattoo on my thigh to represent strength and courage but also, it is the creature that Durga chose as a companion.

Her 8 arms fascinated me. Growing up in a western culture, other spiritual practices outside Catholicism and Christianity, appear so brilliant, colorful, approachable, and realistic. Approachable in the sense that women were warriors or had other roles beyond being a Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene.

So as I wrap my brain around all that I have learned in the past 5 years, I began listing out all the ways specific movement/exercise influences a pregnant woman, her fetus, and postpartum.

One day in a meditation, I lost feeling of my 2 arms, only feeling the energy of them. Not like they fell asleep. It was like I was feeling all the vibrations in and around them! (Super cool!) and I had the sense that I instead, had 8 arms. When I acknowledged this, a long time ache in my thoracic spine disappeared! (Even cooler!)

When I counted all that I had listed for perinatal exercise, there were 8! Oh how things happen. ūüėČ

What we’re examining and learning is when women have a movement routine specific to their body’s needs, how do the following effect a woman’s present and long term health:

  1. Short Term Physical Effects
  2. Fetus
  3. Nervous System & Increased Capacity for Suffering
  4. Physical Adaptations & Athleticism
  5. Mental Acuity and Emotional Fluidity
  6. Labor and Birth
  7. Relationship with Self and Others
  8. Postpartum Recovery

Using this as a foundation, I want to convey that movement influences everything¬†we do. We act certain ways in accordance to what our bodies are capable of! Mind and Body are not separate. They are intricately, wonderfully, frustratingly woven together and we need to treat our exercise routines as times to challenge all parts of ourselves, not just work for a skinnier waist or toned arms (oh how I hate that word, “toned”. Blagh!).

Preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum is a phase of a woman’s life that deserves more attention, sacredness, support. It’s also a time to dive into what foundations we’re laying for that lil fetus and our future generations. As much responsibility as it is, we have the knowledge to see the error in our past ways and evolve to something greater, together.


Love ya,