4 Pre & Post Experts in One Place for You!

Hi Prokreators!

It’s filled my heart these past 3 weeks to connect with the professional women in my inner circle for the purpose of knowledge sharing and empowerment!!

Below are my 4 latest Facebook LIVE’s with experts from around the country on pregnancy and postpartum movement, health, and sanity! 3 are moms. 1 is not (yet)! They live in NY, IL, OH, and CA. Take a listen as we chat about the OPEN, proper exercise during pregnancy and motherhood, the nervous system, rehabilitation, the pelvic floor, incontinence, diastasis recti, and more!

Please comment or email me your questions, thoughts, ideas! Love ya!

With Nicole Suchy Moreland of Rochester Parkour


With Courtney of Boobs & Belly


with Becca Chilczenkowski of O’Hare CrossFit


with Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, PT, DPT of SHEFit