Lift Weights & Get Community

Navigating the pregnancy and birth world can be overwhelming. There’s tons of conflicting information and you never know what is going to be right for you.

It’s been 7 years since I started working with women and there are two game changers that always enhance a woman’s positive experience to parenthood…

Lifting weights and authentic community.

The strength, resilience, and connections of the body are SO OFTEN LEFT OUT in pregnancy, which BLOWS my mind, yet it’s the thing doing most of the work to birth a child. We build physical and mental fortitude by doing hard things, overcoming, and adapting. These are traits needed for healthy pregnancy, birth, and the demands of parenthood. We are left weak and vulnerable, physically and spiritually, if we are not moving the body in the ways it needs. This can also mean we go hard as often as we go slow! Yin & Yang people, variety of movement is great for us.

Community is something we’ve utterly lost in the age of technology. Now more than ever we need to get together to see each other’s faces, hug, high-five, share stories, and hear advice. We need that from our local community, neighbors who we see, who can help each other in times of need. I doubt any internet “friends” would come babysit from across the world when you were in a pinch.

I’m a person who loves efficiency, so combining things to get the most bang for our buck always seems the best plan. Can you get the pregnancy and postpartum fitness your body truly needs (not what you THINK it needs) combined with being around people who you feel open with and supported by?

If you don’t have a community where you feel you can honestly be yourself, it’s time to start looking for one where you can. Which can be hard as an adult! What interests do you have? Are there MeetUp groups for it? Because when shit hits the fan and you let your true colors shine, you want people who love you no matter what!