Go slow to go fast.

Your nervous system needs you to slow the F down. You are go-go-go in everything you do and soon your body will be forcing you to stop-stop-stop.

No, you do not need high intensity training. (Included in this category is Orange Theory, CF, Hot Yoga, Spin, Bootcamps…).

Feeling scattered, tired, edgy, tight/achy, or forgetful? Are you not seeing progress in your health goals?

Come on…come on down out off the fight or flight edge and drop into tend and befriend with us.

Why is this important? Many many reasons, but I think the most important is for your ability to heal. When we’re constantly amped, cortisol is a constant, and as much as we need it to spike to get us out of bed, too much cortisol can interfere with our body’s ability to rejuvenate, decrease inflammation, feel rested, digest food properly, relax muscles, trust the world around us. We are only as healthy as our immune system and ability to recover. The best athletes are the ones who have a recovery protocol on lock and make sure it’s optimal as much as it is fast.

On many environmental and chemical levels, our nervous and endocrine systems are bombarded and working very very hard. When we live a fast paced life, with inadequate nutrition (do you REALLY eat a wholesome diet?) then add stressful exercise to the equation, we’re setting ourselves up for a massive break down. I’m talking physically (injury, sluggish, symptomatic), emotionally (mood swings & edgy), mentally (brain fog), and/or spiritually (feeling lost).

We can make huge positive fitness gains by moving slower, owning our breathe, lifting heavy, and integrating a wider variety of weightless moves into our routine. If a trainer/coach tells you that moving explosively and fast is the only way to make progress/lose weight, they’re lying. Find a different coach.

Slowing down, on all levels, is a challenge in our culture. We get it! It’s hard to not #hustle 24/7 because it may feel like we’re falling behind. But your health crashing and burning is not worth it. If you want to go fast, you must first slow down, conquer the moves and your breath slow, THEN add speed.

If you’re a postpartum momma, you can not start running again if you can not do single leg squats beautifully with core integrity and breathing. To go fast, you must own the slow.