Birth Doula or Partner Labor Stretches & Strength

I’ve presented twice at the DONA Summit on how Doulas can care for their bodies through body mechanics, self-massage, and strength movements.

Birth and postpartum doulas are some of the hardest working humans I have come to know! Giving them body and movement support is the little I can do to help them be their best while they support the birth experience for each family and change the birth world for the better!

Below is a video I recorded of stretches and movements a partner or doula can do while supporting their birthing partner. Why you might ask?

The many positions a doula, midwife, and partner hold to support the laboring woman can be intense on their bodies. From twisting, kneeling, sitting, bending over, squatting, lunging, holding up, pressing…the list goes on! Positions held for long periods of time means counter-stretches and movement are needed to give continuous support to the soon-to-be momma! Below are a few examples.

More videos and articles coming on how birth doulas can give their bodies the strength and mobility it needs to avoid burn out or injury! Are there specific aches you have that you want help with? Comment or email for your ideas and questions!