Work With Colleen!

“When I first came to you, I was so out of shape (lack of energy and strength) and was suffering was horrible back pain (having had epidural from birthing two babies). I wanted to work with a trainer no longer than for three months to reach my goal – strengthen my back and core & lose a few pounds.

Three months came and went, I absolutely loved the results and I wanted to keep going with you! Did I mention the wonders working out has done to my anxiety and stress level?! You understand what my body is capable of and make every fitness sesh challenging and so interesting, you’re thirsty to learn more yet so vastly knowledgeable and you’re so supportive and encouraging. I am surprised at my own strength today and I love that you keep pushing me to go for more, even when I don’t think I can.

You’re so positive, easy to talk to and every session feels more like a hangout than a workout (and I love that!). Thank you Colleen for understanding me, my needs, my body and inspiring me to be great! I look forward to more fitness challenges, more goals achieved and more laughs!” – Love & light always, Jena H., mom of 2

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Training that Goes Beyond Helping You be Physically Strong! 

When we train the body, we’re also preparing the mind and spirit to handle the stressors of every day life, birth, kids, partners, jobs, and more!

Research shows decreases in anxiety, depression, and stress in women and men who are part of a community and felt fully supported.

Prenatal movement is shown to decrease pregnancy aches, risks, labor time, and birth interventions. It increases fetal development, balance, strength, endurance, and positive outlook. Throughout parenthood, exercise that’s designed for your mom & dad bod is shown to decrease PMADs and increase healing time, energy, strength, and mood.

Welcome to your community, the tribe, the ‘hood.

In-Person Sessions

Colleen is accepting in-home clients. To schedule an initial conversation, please send us a message.

Personal Training sessions at CO/CREATE studio are also available for pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, with a partner or small group of friends. Please send us a message and we’ll be in touch to schedule your Coffee & Consult for a tour of the studio and conversation about how we can support you.

Remember, you can always join CO/CREATE group classes with our Membership (receive great perks!) or join classes with a class pack or drop-in.

“If you or someone you love is pregnant, trying to be, or already a mama, do yourselves a favor and go see Colleen Flaherty. She was an integral part of my healthy pregnancy and continues to positively influence my life as a mother.” – Brie, mom of 2