Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Guide

Never Lose Your Coaching Confidence or a Client Due to Pregnancy or Parenthood!

Expanding your knowledge of this un-tapped market will help you feel confident in your knowledge of the changing pregnant and postpartum body, adapt programming for orthopedic issues, increase members, revenue, and change the way the world perceives a pregnant woman and mom.

Lower the health risk to mom and babe, empower women to have the birth experience they deserve, and help women rehabilitate safely and healthfully postpartum!

In this research-driven guide, you’ll receive:

  • 4 page Appendix of Movement Modifications and Substitutions
  • 12 Week Training Schedule for each Trimester
  • 12 Week Training Schedule for Postpartum
  • Strength Training Workout Examples based on Intensity and Volume
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Anatomy, Abilities, and Needs during Exercise
  • Appropriate Training Thresholds for Strength and Olympic Lifts
  • How to Create and Modify Programming for Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Protocol for a Safe Return to Activity as a New Mom
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Recommendations for Pregnancy and Motherhood

This complete guide for $87+tax!

“Knowing that my coach knew how to train me through pregnancy made me feel confident he would keep me and my baby safe.”
– Erin, Rochester, NY

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Guide created by Colleen Flaherty, CSCS teaches coaches and women how to appropriately train through pregnancy into motherhood at the high intensities CrossFit and strength facilities demand.

Armed this knowledge, coaches and gym owners attract new members and happily maintain current female members by distinguishing themselves as coaches who can safely program for a woman’s changing needs.

We teach a Pregnancy & Parenthood Strength course approved by CrossFit for CEUs designed for coaches and movement professionals. Learn more here.

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