Your Wild is calling,

it's asking to get Dirty!

Rewild Revolution











Our mission is build strong autonomous Rewilders who conquer the body, mind, spirit challenges of life through outdoor movement, sustainable lifestyles, adventure, and community!

Ever-Curious. Fortitude. Compassion.

The Rewild Revolution Manifesto

We believe first in moving & challenging our body to build resilience to stress, strengthen our abilities, and find confidence to overcome challenges.

We put the team, other parents & our community, second. We’re one important piece in the greater good of all.

We treat others with love, non-judgement, compassion, and respect. We expect each other to be accountable for their actions and words, as we do ourselves.

We show up with everything we’ve got in the moment, ready to give our all, with an open mind. We learn from mistakes and grow. Our goal is to simply be better, a little or a lottle, than the previous day. 

Client Love

Colleen’s wisdom about the female body and it’s needs during fertility and pregnancy gave me the guidance that I needed to start believing in myself again after a very long and hard road. – Raeanne, Rochester NY

Sessions with Colleen helped me build back my strength in a safe and unique way that was targeted to my [athletic] abilities and particular postpartum stage. – Alicia, San Diego

Professionals love learning with us!

pregnancy postpartum san diego fitness parent

“I can attest to the fact that Colleen is a passionate speaker and a treasure chest of women’s health knowledge. Her focus on helping women prepare their bodies physically for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum is both intriguing and incredibly important for women during their childbearing year, as well as for the birth workers who support them.”

Joy Koberick, CCCE, HCHD, APPAC, Joyful Roots