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When you don’t have anything in common with your friend group anymore and you don’t yet feel like you belong with a new group of people, things can feel lonely. Add that things can get a little stir crazy if you’re home with the kid(s) all day.

Your body is changing in ways you never imagined, it’s incredible and also scary and frustrating. Maybe you’re feeling out of shape. Or dealing with diastasis recti (DR) or pelvic floor issues.

Exercise and movement is a way to feel like your strongest, most sane, self but your current gym is too intense. Or you don’t trust the instructors for this stage of pregnancy or postpartum.

Growing as a human, growing humans, is all about transformation. And it can be dang hard! No matter how you’re feeling on your adventure to parenthood, we know it can be a beautiful struggle. We see you. We get you. You’re doing the best you can but you want more/different to feel better, connected, supported. This is why CO/CREATE opened: bring fellow parents going through sleepless nights and first words together with professionals who know your needs in this stage of life creating empowering experiences for you to be truly you.

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Client Love

Colleen’s wisdom about the female body and it’s needs during fertility and pregnancy gave me the guidance that I needed to start believing in myself again after a very long and hard road. – Raeanne, Rochester NY

Sessions with Colleen helped me build back my strength in a safe and unique way that was targeted to my [athletic] abilities and particular postpartum stage. – Alicia, San Diego

Location: 4031 Pacific Hwy, 92110

Next door to CrossFit Humanity.
Street Parking. Come early to find a great spot & sip some coffee with us!

With classes like ‘Parent Play Time’ and ‘ROM Lube’ (which stands for Range Of Motion Lubrication), you can tell this isn’t your typical studio! We’re asking you, and each other, to be open to new things, vulnerable, and ready to work consistently for that next level of greatness you’ve been wanting.

To help you reach your goals, multiple services and professionals are here under one roof and they’re far from ordinary because parents deserve extraordinary care and support. Everything is designed for your changing body and needs; mom AND partner AND growing kids! We believe our bodies need more “real-life” movement that is fun, engaging, challenging, and yes, sometimes weird. There’s never a dull workout or experience nor is there ever any judgement. We support every human doing what they need to feel safe, joyful, and expressive.


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“I can attest to the fact that Colleen is a passionate speaker and a treasure chest of women’s health knowledge. Her focus on helping women prepare their bodies physically for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum is both intriguing and incredibly important for women during their childbearing year, as well as for the birth workers who support them.”

Joy Koberick, CCCE, HCHD, APPAC, Joyful Roots

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